Rhubarb Radio broadcasts globally from Birmingham's New Arts and Media Quarter commonly known as The Custard Factory to its global audience. Wild Time deals with both local and global issues and its aim is to raise awareness about the plight of our animal kin and the state of our planet. We hope you will enjoy the program

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wild Time - truly global radio

On Wild Time we talk about very local issues as well as connecting with many activists and experts from all around the world to give you a bigger picture.

Obviously not all shows can be archieved but we have managed to archive quite a few interviews and shows, which we have listed below country by country. Although the list may be incomplete, it will nontheless give you an idea of what's going on around the world.

Please listen, share and comment!


Interview with "Cove Guardian" Nicole McLachlan - listen here

Follow up interview with Nicole McLachlan - listen here

Update on Fukushima - last chance for animals. Listen here

Life in Japan after the quake - listen here

Interview with Osaka based activist Steven Thompson - listen here


Orangutans need help - listen here


Free Morgan the Orca, listen here


Conservation efforts in Hungary. Listen here

United Kingdom

Stop the crow and magpie cull - listen here

United States of America

Tony the Truckstop Tiger - listen here


Egyptian Society for Mercy to animals - listen here

Animal abuse in Egypt - listen here


Save the Brumbies - listen here

South Africa

Safe the Cape Parrots - listen here


Helping street dogs in Nepal - listen here

Animal Welfare Network Nepal - listen here

Elephant Sanctuary in Nepal - listen here


Species conservation in Sudan and Zambia - listen here


Species conservation in Sudan and Zambia - listen here


Tiger Temple update - listen here


Bear Bile farming in Korea - listen here

There are many more international interviews online and on video and on the digital hub page that include interviews about China and other countries. This selection is just a teaser of what is going on all around the world.

Enjoy listening and sharing and please tune in once we're on air on Rhubarb Radio.

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