Rhubarb Radio broadcasts globally from Birmingham's New Arts and Media Quarter commonly known as The Custard Factory to its global audience. Wild Time deals with both local and global issues and its aim is to raise awareness about the plight of our animal kin and the state of our planet. We hope you will enjoy the program

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Glimpse into the future

picture: Wild Time in Chinese ("Fung Kwahn Chee Chen (pronounciation attempt))

Although it will be almost six more weeks before Wild Time will be on air again, here is what is to come, among other things,:

Interview with Piers Warren about wildlife filmmaking and possible job opportunities, interview with activist Annette Parkes about the animal rights conference in L.A., an interview with Gourmet vegan chef Patricia Ganswind about health and cooking, Wild Time in conversation with Marit Merkus who is involved in neutering/spaying dogs in Sri Lanka, interview with HOPE founder Anthony Marr about climate change, overpopulation and more.

And there is always more to come to Wild Time!

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